Newborn Photoshoots For Older Babies


So, you didn’t have any professional photographs taken of your baby in the first few weeks. Lockdown stole many opportunities for new parents. But it did also create a unique opportunity for you to bond with your baby and really get to know them without the distraction of visitors. 

Even though you had the enforced lockdown, life with a newborn is very rarely a walk in the park. It can in fact be exhausting. So much so that memories are a little hazy amidst the lack of sleep. But lockdown gave you the opportunity to take lots of pictures and hopefully you have plans to print these or make them into a memory book for your baby. So you still have those memories of that tiny, squishy stage.

Roll forward and now things are settling down. Life in lockdown is slowly easing and we’re all starting to venture out more. You’ll likely have more of a routine going on and a happy smiley baby who is awake more and responds to you with babbling chatter. Your bond is sealed and you are now settled into your new family life.

Perhaps as you emerge from lockdown in entered your mind that you would love to have some images of your family, after all, during lockdown selfies are lovely but they’re not always great to be displayed on the wall. Perhaps you had always planned to have a newborn photoshoot but missed the opportunity due to lockdown?

Well, the good news is that we can still achieve gorgeous pictures of your baby and beautiful family images too. A common misconception is that baby photography is just for newborns. This just isn’t true, in fact, I can photograph babies right up until they reach 16 weeks as a newborn style photoshoot. Yes, your baby is bigger and no longer classified as a newborn, but there are so many advantages to waiting a little longer….

They’re awake and happy. Which means you have lots images of them with their eyes open 

And because they’re more content, you will have images with beautiful smiles and expressions

The poses are much more relaxed, giving a natural feel to the images

And we can still use many of my props and outfits as I cater for older babies too

And you will finally have a proper photograph of you as a family

Older baby with mummy during photoshoot

These are just a couple of the babies that I have photographed between the ages of 8 – 16 weeks. The sessions are super relaxed. I have outfits for bigger babies and props to suit older babies too.

The session runs in exactly the same way as a newborn session and you will have a gallery of around 20+ images to choose from, with a variety of backdrops and colours in use. For an idea of what a full gallery of images looks like, have a look at the gorgeous slideshow of Luca’s gallery, 

Siblings can also be included in the session, which again with an older baby is adorable as they really connect and usually the older siblings are so good at getting those happy smiles from baby, the result is just perfect.

If your baby is under 12 weeks old and you would like to capture some professional photographs of them while they’re still tiny, please do get in contact. You can find all of my pricing here. And the beauty of my sessions is that you don’t have to pay a session fee, you only pay for the images that you choose, although you are under no obligation to purchase.

I’d love to turn your precious moments into a lifetime of memories.