Baby boy on blue backdrop at his Birthday cakesmash photoshoot. Baby is sat behind a cake on a cake stand with a blue, grey & white balloon garland behind him and ONE letters in cream

 We all love cake right? A nice cuppa and a slice of victoria sponge or chocolate cake. Hmm lovely!

But babies don’t always agree

You see, as new parents we follow guidelines on the amount of sugar and salt that our baby should have. So when it comes to putting a very sugary cake in front of them as a treat for his special day, their taste buds can get a little overwhelmed.

Baby girl wearing a cream romper sat looking at her birthday cake. Baby is at her Cakesmash Birthday Photoshoot in Glasgow. Backdrop of floral arrangement and a teepee

So for this reason, I always recommend that parents let baby try a cupcake with sticky, sweet buttercream, a couple of times before they come to my Glasgow studio for the Caksmash Birthday Photoshoot.

Yes, that’s right. YOU have SHARE your cake with your baby!

Let them get sticky. They should eat it with their hands and allow them to play with it. Be prepared for a mess. I often find that babies who haven’t played with food or been messy before will not enjoy the sensation of sticky hands and feet, so this bit is KEY

Baby boy in blue romper. Close up image of his face as he uses his hand to eat cake with blue icing at his 1st birthday cakesmash photoshoot in Glasgow

Other useful things to bring



  •  Some small snacks which can be hidden at the back of the cake to tempt them in and make it look like they’re playing with the cake. Cheerios and raisins work well. Please avoid bringing any food which has bright colouring such as corn puffs with orange coating as this stains their skin
  • A drink for baby
  • Their favourite toys / noisy toys to get their attention
  • A towel for after the splash in the tub
  • Spare clothes for you. Baby will be covered in cake and will crawl around and will want a cuddle.  This always means that you get covered in cake & buttercream!
Baby in the bath after her cakesmash birthday photoshoot in Glasgow. Baby sits in a white bath on a peach vintage backdrop

Family Photography

Your Cakesmash Birthday Photoshoot at my Glasgow studio also includes parent shots. It’s good to have a think about what to wear for the photoshoot. This part takes place at the start of the session before things get messy.

Most parents will bring an outfit for baby to wear for these images or you can use one of my little outfits. It’s good to think about what you will each wear and ensure that the colours match up. I use either a grey or cream backdrop, so wearing colours which will complement this is also useful.

I always recommend that you avoid any football tops, or tops with big logo’s or patterns on.

You may find this pinterest board useful for some ideas on styling

Baby boy, looking at the camera, sat in a white bath with a blue balloon and grey & blue bunting in the background. Image taken at his 1st birthday cakesmash photoshoot in Glasgow

Booking your Cakesmash Birthday Photoshoot with Glasgow Photographer

You can book your Cakesmash Birthday Photoshoot with Glasgow Photographer, Louise at any time.

A £75 session fee is payable upon booking. This covers your time in the studio, plus use of props and accessories. I even provide the cake!

There are lots of different backdrops available for your Cakesmash Birthday Photoshoot, or you can let me know if you have a theme in mind and I will create something magical for you.

Images are purchased following the photoshoot. More information can be found here.

Or just get in touch to chat about your requirements

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