A Tropical Cakesmash Celebration!

Little Erin is 1!

And for her birthday, her Mummy chose to have a Tropical themed Birthday party. So it was only right that we matched it up with a Tropical Birthday Cakesmash Photoshoot!

Cakesmash themes are chosen by you. We can keep it simple with just a floral garland and the cake, or we can go big and boystorous with lavish decor and fun and colourful props. Some people like to use a theme that matches their nursery, such as Peter Rabbit or Winnie the Poo, whilst others choose a Disney theme or their favourite film such as Toy Story, Anything is possible! From a simple cloud choice or an overriding theme. Call me for a chat… I love getting creative!

Erin’s Mummy sent me a Pinterest board and I went from there to choose the props. I’m trying to avoid the used of ballots and keep any plastic packaging to a minimum, whilst still creative a fun set. I think this looks pretty awesome.. what do you think?

For more ideas of cakesmash themes, check out this pinterest board (a collection of work from photographers worldwide)

Little Erin had a blast. She was so happy and comfortable in front of the camera and absolutely loved her pineapple cake made by Dainty Kitchen Bites.


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Top tips to help your baby relax at their cakesmash photoshoot

  • Bring a favourite teddy, comforter or toy
  • Have a good supply of snacks & a drink as they may need a break from cake
  • Let me know what their favourite song or nursery rhyme is beforehand, so that we can sing to them
  • Share their favourite TV programme and if needs be we can have it ready as a distraction
  • Practice messy play at home beforehand. Some babies really don’t enjoy being sticky, so get them used to this before
  • Give them cake before hand, especially with buttercream. It’s very sweet and babies aren’t always used to this so it’s good to get their palette used to the sugary taste
  • Be prepared. It’s perfectly normal for your baby to be shy and sometimes a little bit wary of the new environment. Try to relax and don’t feel under any pressure to make them “perform” If they can see you’re happy, they will relax too!
1st Birthday Cakesmash Photoshoots

Cakesmash Photoshoots are available to book all year round. There is no session fee, just a £95 retainer which is then used as a discount towards your chosen image package. Cakesmash Photoshoots come with a splash of colour or subtle pastel tones. I love creating personal cakesmash sets and would love to bring your ideas to life, just let me know if you have a theme or colour choice in mind.

A Cakesmash Photoshoot usually includes family shots in addition at no extra cost. Perfectly timed to update your walls and family album.

If you would to mark this wonderful special occasion with a cakesmash or birthday portrait session, please do get in touch

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