Newborn Sessions

When should I book my session?

I take bookings for newborns as soon as you have had your 12 week scan. This means that I book up to 5 months in advance, so recommend booking early to avoid disappointment. Newborn sessions are best to take place when baby is between 5-12 days old as they are at their sleepiest. Once baby arrives, please let me know and we will agree a firm date for the session. Sessions take place midweek between 1000-1400 at my studio in Haywards Heath.

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How long is the photoshoot?

A newborn photoshoot last up to 4 hours. This session is led by baby and therefore we pause should baby need to feed or just have a cuddle with Mommy.

How should I prepare for the session?

Before the newborn shoot: It’s good to feed your baby around 2-3 hours before you arrive, aiming that they’ll be due their next feed at the start of the session. Also, please try to keep baby awake as much as possible as you’re getting ready, things you can try are keeping baby undressed or in a vest, tickles, massage or a bath. This is probably the most important part of the preparation for an easy sleepy session with a content baby, however is baby is really sleepy or needs to feed sooner, by all means do this. Baby will usually fall asleep on the journey and wake once we undress them at the start of the session. Now is the ideal time for a feed and baby will soon be sound asleep and we can get to work on your beautiful pictures The easiest way to get baby to sleep during the session is to feed on and off where needed. Please bring extra bottles as babies tend to feed more in a warmer environment. If you are using one, please bring a dummy / soother. These really do help to settle a tired baby and will make the session a more enjoyable experience for all.

What should I bring to the session?

The session runs from 1000-1400. I have a selection of snacks and cold drinks in the studio. As it’s a long session over lunch time, I recommend that you bring along snacks or a little packed lunch. It’s very important that a new mummy keeps up her energy levels! Bring extra bottles for baby and a pacifier if you have one. And the usual stock of nappies! It’s useful for parents to bring a change of clothes, as I will often photograph baby in their skin, which can lead to wee and poo accidents. This is perfectly normal and I am very used to this, however you may also encounter this during the parent shots and need a clean change of clothes.

What should we wear to the session?

All newborn photoshoots include parent and sibling shots. During your pre shoot consultation we will discuss backdrop colours and preferences. I recommend that parents wear clothes that they feel comfortable in and encourage you to be yourself. I do suggest that you may wish to avoid clothes with large logo’s or brightly patterned fabrics as this draws the attention away from baby. It’s also a good idea to discuss your outfits to ensure you don’t clash. For siblings, again comfort is important. And likewise avoid bright patterns or large logo’s & pictures on clothing. The studio is a cosy 28C as baby is likely to be in their skin during the session, it’s nice and cosy for their comfort. I dress for the heat and suggest you do too!

We are bringing an older sibling (s), should they stay for the full session?

This depends upon the age of the sibling and availability of childcare. For younger siblings under the age of 7, I recommend that Dad, or another relative collect them after the family and sibling shots have taken place, usually an hour after the start of the session. They can take them somewhere to have fun whilst we concentrate on baby. This avoids baby being disturbed and your other child or children becoming bored & distressed.

Other Sessions

How should I prepare for the Cake Smash Session?

As parents we avoid giving our young babies sugary food, and some parents prefer to feed baby rather than them handling their food and getting messy. When it comes to a cake smash session, some babies who are not used to sugar or sticky fingers feel a little overwhelmed and can get upset.

I would encourage you to allow your baby to try sweet butter cream a few times ahead of the session to get them used to the taste. Allow them to get sticky and handle the cake and food in general so that they get used to having dirty, sticky fingers.

By this stage, your little one will be napping a couple of times in the day. It’s important that they arrive refreshed and happy. It’s also a good idea to give them a snack but nothing too filling ahead of the session as they won’t want to eat cake! I run the session from  1030 – 1200, which usually works around nap times and lunch. It’s good to bring a drink & a snack for baby for the end of the session.

I have lots of outfits for baby and we will choose one that suits depending on the theme. 

As the session includes shots with parents, please consider your own outfit avoiding bright patterns and logo / picture T-shirts.

My Baby has allergies / intolerances, do you need this info?

Yes please. I use a fully trained and insured cake maker for cake smash sessions. Cakes can be provided which are lactose, gluten or egg free. It is very important that you mention this as neither Louise Ferguson Photography or Dainty Cakes will be held responsible for reactions due to allergies or intolerances should this information not have been disclosed.

Likewise, should you baby be sensitive to anything else please do advise. I use E45 baby bath to create bubbles and cloud the water during the splash session. If your baby has sensitive skin, I am happy for you to bring an alternative bubble bath.

All intolerances & allergies should be noted in writing either in your contract or by email. 

How should I prepare for my maternity session?

We will discuss styling during your consultation appointment. I include 3 changes of outfit during each session. Should you wish to wear your own clothes, please bring these along with you.

This is such a special photoshoot, why not pamper yourself and book in to have your hair done and perhaps a manicure? Nails should be well groomed either plain or newly polished. If you have long hair, a bouncy blow dry looks lovely in these images, as I use a fan to create movement and curls look superb in these shots.

If you are opting for a glamorous session using my gowns, I recommend that your wear make up as you would for a lovely night out with the girls. A make up artist is available on request at no additional cost.

What should we wear for an outdoor Photoshoot?

I have lots of style guides that I will send to your as preparation for an outdoor photoshoot. These vary depending upon the season. I also have a selection of clothes for children and adults that I may suggest if I feel that the colours will pop more or compliment what the rest of the party are wearing.

It’s very important to consider your choice of clothes for an outdoor photoshoot as these should compliment the colours of the setting and above all else, comfortable clothes mean that you will feel more relaxed.


General Questions

When do I choose my images?

At your session we will agree on a date for your viewing and purchasing appointment, usually within 2 weeks of the session itself. At this appointment you will view a slideshow of your images and we will discuss which package works best for you.


It’s also a perfect opportunity to discuss where you might display images in your home and what type of wall art will fit perfectly for you and your home.

Please bring along the following to your viewing appointment

  • Your partner or anyone who may wish to be involved in any purchasing decision
  • A credit or debit card / cheque book for payment
  • Measurements of the space in which you would like to display your images

I offer one viewing appointment per session. There is no hard sell or pressure to purchase images. Due to a busy diary and other appointments to manage, I charge £80 for additional viewing sessions.

I do not provide online galleries for sessions.

Do I have to purchase Images / a package?

There is no pressure to purchase any images from your session and there is no hard sell.

If you come along to your viewing appointments & choose that you do not wish to purchase any images, then your £95 session fee will be refunded in full & Images from the session will be deleted.

The packages in place demonstrate the best value, however if you would prefer to purchase individual wall art instead of a package this is always possible. Please bring along measurements for the spaces in which you hope to display wall art and I will help and advise on the best options for your home and the space.

If you do however decide that you love the images and wish to purchase a few images or prints rather than a package, due to the time involved in processing print orders, images for USB’s and administration of your order, a minimum order amount equal to the lowest package price for your session applies.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. Payment plans are available upon request & is available for purchases of £399 and above. The plan covers the cost of images only & extends over 3 monthly payments which are broken down as follows:

Initial payment (non refundable deposit) – 50% of total

Month 2 – 25% of the cost

Month 3 – 25% of the cost

I also accept debit & credit cards. A 2% surcharge applies for credit card payments.

How long does my wall art credit remain valid?

Customers who purchase the top package for each session have a nominal credit towards wall art from their session. This is valid from 1 month from the date of the viewing.

Is my session discount transferable to a different type of session?

Customers who purchase the top package from their session have a voucher towards a specific session. This is non transferable to any other type of session or person and is applicable for the child who was the main subject in the original session only.

Do you work weekends?

I don’t offer standard sessions on weekends however should you need a weekend session I may be able to accommodate this depending upon my own commitments. Please enquire.

Weekend and bank holiday sessions have a £75 supplement which is payable at the time of booking along with the session fee of £95

From time to time I may run outdoor mini sessions or seasonal sessions on a weekend. These are at my own discretion and priced accordingly.


Please check the list of frequently asked questions below to find out more about who your newborn photoshoot works, payment information and other sessions

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