What is a Home Lifestyle Newborn Session?

Many people assume that a newborn photoshoot always takes place at a studio and will include lots of props and intricate posing of baby. This isn’t everybody’s taste and some people prefer a more natural approach. A home lifestyle newborn session is a relaxed and personal session which gives a more candid view of your interactions with you newborn.

Home lifestyle newborn sessions will ideally take place in the first 2 weeks after baby is born, however this isn’t essential. Having the session take place earlier gives us more opportunity to capture baby whilst they’re really tiny and all the little details that go with that. However these sessions are also really good for slightly older babies, as with Amaiya, whom I recently met.

Amaia and her Mummy & Daddy were super relaxed during the session. We focussed the photography around 3 rooms, the kitchen who had super light, their cosy lounge and their bright & airy bedroom. After a while, it was like I wasn’t there and they just enjoyed playing and cuddling with their little girl

Amaia was the perfect baby when I visited. She smiled, wriggled and interacted with Mummy & Daddy. She even had a snooze after she fed.  These natural shots are perfect for a family album  and make wonderful wall art in your home.

Here are a few questions I often get asked about home lifestyle newborn photoshoots…

How much room do you need? My house is not that big

Home lifestyle photoshoots are very natural. I don’t use any props and rely on natural light with the help of a reflector and sometimes an on camera flash. So no need for lot’s of space. I may suggest that I move a chair a little so that I can utilise the natural light more effectively, but other than that I work with the space that you have. And no home room is too small.

I’m worried my house will be untidy in the aftermath of having a baby

As a Mum of 2 girls, I’ve been there and felt exactly the same. Having had C sections both times, there is no way that my house was going to be spick & span at that point. There’s also no way that I would have been able to get to a studio in the first 10 days.

A home lifestyle photoshoot is perfect for a lot of families. I work around you, in your home and if we need to move a few items to get them out of shot then that’s no biggie. I’m there to create magical memories of the first days with your baby, to capture your expressions as you look at your baby and to give that baby images that they will cherish as they grow. You home being untidy will definitely not impact on this.

How long does a Home Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot take?

These sessions take around 2 – 3 hours. As they’re pretty relaxed I go with the flow. If baby is unsettled or feeding, I will capture these shots too, as let’s face it babies aren’t always content and this is part of your memory too. Before the session we will have a telephone consultation and we’ll discuss if there are any particularly shots that you want me to include. Some people like to ensure pets are included. You may want to bath baby whilst I’m there and capture some images or if it’s a dry day, we could even venture into the garden.

I have another child / children. Can they be included?

Home lifestyle newborn photoshoots are perfect for siblings, particularly younger children. Being in their own environment means that they’re much more relaxed and allows them to dip in and be with baby as their interest grows.

When I first arrive, I like to give siblings most of my attention. Asking them to show me their toys, sing me a song and show me their baby birther or sister will get them used to me. I never put pressure on siblings to join in but try to include them by getting them to help with baby and show them what I;m doing. They love looking at the pictures on the back of the camera! This works as eventually they want in on the action and tend to be more natural with baby.

If you have any other questions, please pop them in comments below and I’ll be sure to reply!

How much are these sessions?

To book you will pay just £50 for the photoshoot itself. This cover my time and travel to your home (within 15 miles of RH16) plus detailed hand retouching of your images. Around 10 days after the photoshoot, an appointment will be made for you to view your images & purchase an image package and wall art. Viewing appointments take place at my studio in Haywards Heath.

You can find more information of my newborn baby photoshoots & image pricing by visiting the session page and the FAQ section on my website.


AS a photographer, I’m so aware of the importance of photographs  and the heartbreak involved in losing them (I have a story here but that’s for another time). I always recommend that clients back up their images to the cloud and an external hard drive, to ensure that they’re never lost or damaged. 

One of my fellow togs, Sandpiper Photography, has been researching external hard drives for her clients and has written a really useful blog.  It’s super useful and well worth reading if you’re planning on purchasing an external hard drive soon.

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