Why Indulge Personal Branding Photography?

Personal Branding is the practice of marketing people and their career as brands (Wikipedia)

As an Xennial myself, I still remember the days of the Yellow Pages, radio advertising for small businesses and local newspaper adverts. Back then, we rarely saw the person behind the brand for small businesses. For that you relied upon a small community feel, where the butcher was married to your Aunt and the town solicitor was dad to one of your friends at school. Unless you were the Man from Del Monte, there wasn’t much chance of getting your own name known much further than your home town and local area.

Today, with social media, online directories and Google, we live in a world where image is everything. Consumers have changed their attitudes towards brands. A study revealed that over half of consumers no longer trust big brands. And today, we all have the tools to research, review and compare. Competition for small businesses is huge. So what sets you out from the rest?

Personal Branding or Personal Marketing has been banded around for over 20 years, but only now in the age of online transparency, do we see more & more small businesses taking this on board. Your personal brand should be defined by your product, skills and experience. It’s your business DNA, unique and personal. Without building our own personal & business brand, we allow others to define us, either by assumptions or based on snippets pieced together from old & outdated online content.

Clear & consistent personal branding, shows not only your business and your products, but the person behind the business. Today, potential clients disconnect from hard sell. They want an emotional connection and need to feel heard. Consumers are more likely to buy into a brand that they relate to and like than a brand with no real identity. 

Don’t be invisible. On average people will only engage with something for 3 seconds before they switch off!

Personal Branding – Where to start?

Your business branding may be defined already. You may find that on defining your personal brand, this no longer reflects your aims. Some things to think about in defining your own brand are listed below

  • What are the characteristics that set you apart from your competition or colleagues?
  • What would you like to be famous or renowned for, within your industry or client catchment area?
  • What would your colleagues or customers say is your greatest strength?


Meet Georgie. 

Georgie is a local clinical hypnotherapist, NLP and IEMT practitioner. That in itself doesn’t sound very sexy, exciting or enticing. But geode has a very strong brand. Owner and the face behind Mellow Mumma, Georgie has successfully entwined her brand in her own personal persona and vice versa. She is her brand. Whether you visit her website, watch any of her live videos, attend one of her deeply soulful sessions or meet her for a coffee, you will find Georgie / Mellow Mumma. Full of sparkle and positivity.

Georgie & Mellow Mumma are a great example of personal branding and how it is unique to you and your business. Personal branding isn’t always a pretty lady sat drinking coffee in a minimalistic kitchen with an apple mac in front of her. It is you, your business and your first & last impression potential clients.

Georgie had a very clear vision of what she wanted from her branding session. I offer a 60 minute complimentary consultation session and lot’s of tips on preparing for your shoot. 

I’d love to chat with you about your ideas for your brand. Personal Branding photoshoots are unique to each of my clients and each package is tailored to suit your needs. Please get in touch and we’ll chat about how we will bring your brand to life.