Preparing for your Newborn Photoshoot

Believe it or not you can make a big difference to how smoothly your newborn photoshoot runs. A sleepy and content baby makes for a relaxed and successful session. Yes, awake babies are great too, as those wide open eye shots are so adorable. If I could guarantee some content awake shots in every shoot I’d add them to my wish list every time.The following tips will help in making sure baby is ready for their photoshoot and hopefully sleepy too!

Baby boy tucked in on blue blanket with matching bonnet by Newborn Photographer Glasgow
Black & white image of dad holding newborn twin babies against his bare chest. Image taken during newborn baby photoshoot in Glasgow

Tips for a sleepy Newborn Photoshoot

There are a couple of things that you need to remember to prepare baby for the session, but these are SO IMPORTANT…

  • Time the feeds. Ideally baby will be due a feed when you arrive at the studio. All Newborn Photoshoots start at 10am, so they will likely need a feed at around 7am if they feed every 3 hours
  • After their morning feed, keep them awake until you leave to come to the photoshoot. This way baby will still be sleepy from an alert morning
  • Dress baby in a simple baby grow. No vest. This makes it easier for us to remove clothing without disturbing them. Of course if the temperature requires it, add lot’s of blankets and a hat to their car seat to keep them cosy

Preparing your other child or children

Newborn Photoshoots include parent and sibling shots. 

I often find that parents of older siblings under 3 years of age worry more about how they will behave than baby. This is understandable, but please try to relax and enjoy the experience, It’s normal for younger children to act up when they have an audience or if the feel pressured into doing something new. I have many tricks up my sleeve to help. For siblings, here are a few tips for you

  • Bring their favourite comforter & a toy to play with.
  • Also bring snacks and a drink as these are a good distraction.
  • Avoid offering mobile phones whilst they’re waiting to have their photo taken. This generally causes more upset when removed!
  • Have a family member on hand to take them somewhere fun once their photographs have been taken
  • Try to take a step back and let me talk, play & work with your older child. Generally they respond better if parents are ignoring them!

Sibling & Parent shots will be the first images of the newborn photoshoot. Once these are completed I ask that siblings leave with a family member, as this gives us a quiet space to continue with baby’s photographs. Newborn Photoshoots can take up to 3 hours, so organising cover for siblings is essential

Baby girl on dusky pink backdrop swaddled in wrap of same collier with feet showing. Baby wears a pink bonnet.Image captured during newborn photography session in Glasgow

What to wear

Just before baby arrived we will have had telephone consultation where we will have talked through colour palettes and backdrop choices for your parent and family shots. Generally, I use darker backdrops for the family images in newborn photoshoots. Grey is very popular!

For this reason it’s good to wear pale colours. Images are usually taken from the waist upwards, so a pale coloured top with jeans is perfect. Please avoid clothes with large logo’s, bright patterns or images. These draw the eye and take the focus away from baby.

I often will take a silhouette shot of parents with baby. It’s useful to have a black or dark coloured T shirt for this shot.

What to Bring

This is your newborn photoshoot. Not only are you here to have some beautiful images taken of you and your baby, you are also here to enjoy the experience and relax as I take your baby and work my magic. Hot & cold drinks and snacks are provided, however feel free to bring your own. It’s important that you keep up your strength for all those night feeds!

I will not require you to assist me at the session, although may ask that you sit close to baby during certain prop shots or poses. This is called spotting and gives peace of mind that should baby move, that will be safe.

The studio will be very warm, for the comfort of baby. It’s good to wear light clothing for this reason. It’s also useful to have a change of clothes other than the ones which you wear for your photo’s, as sometimes baby chooses to have a wee or poo whilst you’re holding them!

It’s also important to remember that baby may feed more during the session, so if baby is formula fed bring extra, along with your usual baby bit’s and bobs. A soother will come in handy too to help settle baby, however I do have some in the studio if you don’t have one.

More information can be found on my FAQ section

Baby boy on cream embossed blanket lay on tummy with white fabric covering him, Image taken durin baby photoshoot in Glasgow

Us photographers are full of handy tips. This week one of my fellow photographers, Amy, who is a Maternity & Newborn Photographer in Shropshire writes about what to pack in your hospital bag, when the time comes to get ready for babies arrival. Check it out.


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