Newborn photography is an art. Without applying a creative process, an image will never realise its full potential. Sophisticated smartphone cameras and editing apps lead many people to believe that contemporary photography is a straightforward, point-and-click exercise. And for those people it begs the question: why pay a professional?  

There are, of course, many genuine reasons; a photographer’s technical knowledge and experience for one. But beyond that, and perhaps of most significance, is the creative process; the preparation, styling and attention to detail that brings out the best in every image.  

It is the initial consultation with parents about planning and styling a shoot that starts my creative juices flowing. Understanding the personalities of Mum & Dad, the context of the birth and the broader family background are just some of the topics we discuss to be sure the shoot is styled to your tastes.  

Favourite colours, seasons and sentimentality are all part of the creative equation. There is a wide-range of outfits and props, to which I regularly add, spanning a spectrum of themes and generations. My colour palette is updated every three months to reflect the season; spring, for example, sees lots of pastels and floral arrangement, while muted browns, greens and oranges seep into Autumn shoots.  

Unless you’ve been inspired by a previous shoot, a session design is seldom used twice. A session should be unique to you and your baby.  Preparation takes a few hours; the selection of key props, such as soft, delicate lamb’s wool stuffers, lace and merino wool, bespoke baby outfits and complementary accessories are chosen for each set up. I have the most beautiful floral halos from Created by Carli and the softest woollen sleepy hats. The result is a stunning and unique scene in which baby is the focal point. 

Of course, there are more simplistic shots, such as baby on the beanbag, in beautiful, squishy poses. These too are planned with meticulous attention to detail, with the use of complementary colours and wraps, small felted hearts & bunnies and delicate headbands or bonnets. 

The result? Beautiful images of your baby which will adorn the walls of your home for a lifetime.