Arlo… The cutest of boys with the widest smile!

Arlo just turned 8 months when he came for his milestone Little Sitter Photoshoot. This is the perfect age for this type of baby photography.  Arlo and his Daddy came along to my studio in Haywards Heath and the session took just over an hour. This smiley boy was an absolute star for his session and charmed the camera with his smiles and pouts.

Little sitter sessions usually take place between 7 -10 months. Baby should be able to sit up steadily for a long period of time without support. This means that we can each engage with them and get all those wonderful cheeky grins, and inquisitive expressions, all of which Arlo has in bucket loads. This type of baby photography is great if you missed out on the newborn stage, but would still like some professional images of your little one.

Now this cutie pie is so close to crawling, we managed to get him in for his shoot just in the nick of time. Crawling babies can still have a photoshoot like this but their frustration may rise a little as they just want to be off, which means that we work quickly. There are however, lot’s of handy tricks that I have to keep them entertained. Arlo was a big fan of raisins during his shoot and enjoyed playing a game of hide the raisin whilst I snapped away!


What’s Included in the session?

My Little Sitter Baby Photoshoots, give you beautiful images of your baby as they grow, with special moments captured as memories to treasure forever. And these images make great wall pieces, to add alongside your newborn images, or even in the nursery. In fact quiet a few of my clients purchase these sessions with grandparents in mind as these cheeky expressions are always a winner with Granny & Grandpa.

Each session includes parent & sibling shots at the start, before we move on to focus solely on the little star of the show. I have 4 styled sets for baby, each pulled together with your input on colours and textures. As you can see, Arlo as beautiful green eyes and the backdrop really accentuates these.

I’d love to know which is you favourite image and what you love about it?

If you would like to book a little sitter session for your baby, please do get in touch using my contact form